Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I detest you

"it is weird: I detest your taste, I find dull and childish your writing, I consider you a little narcissist, still I feel you You a deep attraction and I passionately wish that You find happiness... Human mind's jokes"
I found this comment at one of my old post by chance. I was trying to fix my blog and being completely dumb, I got lost somewhere, somehow. And I found this Luigi and I remembered that he was also used to comment the blog I have for my newspaper. Always acid and angry comments. But tonight I found out that he wishes me happiness and that he feels a deep attraction for me.
I am smiling.
I am flattered
All those adjectives about my writing and myself are a lot. Even for a narcissist like me ;)
Truth is that I have no layers, no filters and no goals when I write and this can appear naive. I get that.
But what is clear, I guess, from my writing is the truly belief that we can reach happiness accepting the challenge to pursuit it.
And also that happiness can be, for tonight, a lost comment,that shows me the bright side that we should be able to see in everything.

E' strano, detesto i Suoi gusti, trovo banali e puerili i suoi scritti, la reputo una piccola narcisista, eppure provo per Lei una profonda attrazione e desidero ardentemente che Lei trovi la felicita'. Che scerzi fa la mente umana.......

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