Monday, November 7, 2011


Anglish is "my" language: English re-interpreted though my lack of knowledge

I have been speaking Anglish everyday for the last (almost) five years and now I am comfortable with that and I don't feel too ashamed when I realize that some people look at me wondering "what the hell is she trying to say?"

In New York, it is rare that someone looses his/her temper because your accent or because you use words in the wrong way. People here are so used to this mix of accent, vocabulary and sound that actually they enjoy it. And they, thanks God, even find it sexy.

I love New York and I know everybody knows that. I profess my adoration for this city every single day someway. Because NY fills my soul and my soul perfectly fit in it.

Well, so the thing is that I am trying to write sometimes in Anglish, besides the post I will publish in Italian - so I fairly split the pain between you and my Italian fellows. I don't want to be a pain in the ass ONLY for you my friends.

Anyway, before to go I am thinking that there are people who really use my accent and my Anglish trying to make me feel an asshole. Trying to make less important anything I could say. Trying to make me feel always like the "last arrived", the "stranger", the "stupid one".

At the beginning I was hurt. Now I am not. I found out that those people just have problem to listen to anybody because they are completely absorbed in they selfishness. And if I can tell, they are deeply boring.

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Mr. Leveque Is That You? said...

I find it hard to believe that there are New Yorkers who would give you a hard time about your accent. There are people born and raised in the Bronx who I can't understand a word they're saying...and they're US citizens! Enjoy "your" city, Angie. Bravo.