Friday, January 27, 2012

Anglish 2

When you move in a new country, the amount of things you have to learn is scary. But the scariest part is that you have to learn, often, those in another languages
And even if you think to know that language pretty well, it will take between 5 minutes to 2 days to get frustrated and willing to scream.

Being Italian, I am enough lucky to be able to talk with hands that can help even if it is not so fancy and sometimes undermine the quality of the words producing a comic effect like you use to see in the movies.

You try to get comfort imagining yourself like a Sophia Loren screaming "Roberto, Roberto" when Benigni won the Oscar and sounding beautiful, or closer in time, like a Sofia Vergara (is Sofia the "foreign most popular name" btw????) in Modern Family, that I find absolutely lovely and irresistible. I could watch the show just to hear her screaming with her thick accent. Lovely.

But there are many moments when the frustration doesn't go away and you would just shut up and put some music and let everybody understand through that.

When my aunt passed away, for example, I was so "new" to this country that I didn't even try to "tell my pain". I spent hours crying and making pizza that I gave to my neighbors. Cooking is one of the thing that helps me to survive storms and hurricanes.
But when my cousin left this world breaking my heart, I needed to scream and vomit my pain and rage and unhappiness. And I did. I suffered in English. I cried in English forgetting my frustration and my insecurity, pushed by my desperate need to survive.

Of course you need to express yourself in the new language also for nicer things. Like for sex. You cannot really be in bed with a lover and moan in Italian. If he is not an huge passionate of the language, the only result you will get would be to distract him. And after all the effort to keep his attention would be really a waste of time. So you have to start to "express" your pleasure in English. Some porn is suggested. It is fast and provide an immediate vocabulary that otherwise you would take too long to put together.

But there is a language you should really learn because you will find out, in the moment when you really need it, that you don't know it at all, and it is the "love language". No sex language, but love. The human feeling that you keep screwing up all the time. You can avoid that for long. Talking about silliness and other light things. But a moment will come that you will need to "explain", to apologize or to let someone understand and you will miss all the words you need. And you will be again, very frustrated knowing that you are very possibly ruining something you really care for.

So my choice is to play a song, Roberto Benigni's song that says "In love, words are not important. Music counts". And music doesn't need translation.

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